Synopsis Hello We are four souls floating in the sea Our lives have ended in the 3-D Our time on earth is done We are one step closer to the proverbial sun Unfortunately all our lives ended out of the blue And now God has instructed us to tell everything we remember to you However we have one problem that stands in our way A mysterious sea creature called a Ray Smile is a feature film constructed and reappropriated from found footage by Robbie C. Williamson. Robbie C. Williamson Robbie is a multidisciplinary artist living in Topanga CA. His work has been featured at LACMA, MOCA, MAMA Gallery, Vice and other international venues and media outlets. His films have received premieres at Sundance, Tokyo International Film Festival and International film festival Rotterdam to name a few. As a composer he has written scores ranging from WU Tsang’s Wildness, premiering at the MoMo Documentary Fortnight to Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat Train that won the SCFI Jury award at Gérardmer film festival. The New York Times describes his scores as “The softer, glummer side of Neil Young. In 2016 he presented a solo show of film and sculpture works (Saffron Crow's Associate) at MAMA gallery that Forbes described as “The personified astral projection of its creator’s interior world; a physically manifested concept, using Irreverence to Challenge Censorship”